CardRunnersEV written manual

Part 1: Preflop

Preflop trees
Computing the data in the tree (F7)
Focussing in on particular results in the tree: Popups
Toggles in popups
Clearing data from your tree (F2)
Editting conditions preflop
Adding/editting actions
Copying, cutting, pasting actions/conditions and changing their order
All hands must be accounted for
Defining a player's preflop range
Performing a trial run
Equity runs (F5)
Absolute mode versus relative mode
Variables instead of numbers
Formulas in variables
Making graphs
The preflop condition editor: A closer look
Create your own hand rankings

Part 2: Postflop

Postflop trees
The correct order for actions and conditions
Adding multiple conditions
Conditions: AND and OR
The postflop condition edittor - 1
The postflop condition edittor - 2
The postflop condition edittor - 3
Experimenting with postflop conditions
How weights are processed postflop
Skip conditions
Dealing with different turn/river cards
Range statistics

Part 3: General

Starting a new tree
Setting blinds, stacks, rake, rakeback, etc
Math engine versus Monte Carlo engine
Increasing accuracy in Monte Carlo mode
The hint boxes
Quick-saves and quick-loads
The hint system
Strategy EV

Part 4: Tournaments

Setting up a tournament hand
Multiway hands: How to evaluate EVs
Tournaments: An example calculation
Hint boxes in multiway hands
Additional tool: ICM calculator

Part 5: Some more "advanced" features

The checkdown action
The delete action
Using the delete action to simulate multiple villains
Determining an optimal calling range
Finding the optimal way to exploit villain's strategy
Unexploitable shoving
Setting restrictions to an action

Part 6: Scripts

Writing scripts

Extra: Special sections

Syntax for text-based input for postflop ranges
Syntax for text-based input for board texture