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Welcome to the first beta for our new software GTO+.

With GTO+ we will be offering an entirely new and flexible platform for our equilibrium solver, specifically designed to make game theory analysis easier, more intuitive and more accessible than ever before. GTO+ offers a new line-based interface, and traversing trees through various runouts of the board no longer requires any effort whatsoever. The new interface is resizable and will work in multiple languages.

Although not all functionality is available yet, most of the difficult work has been done at this point, and we expect the remaining development to go relatively smoothly.

Instant calculations

The GTO+ analysis system works instantly, with no pauses for calculations ever being required. Whenever you select a decision in any spot in your tree, the analysis system will immediately show you the composition of that range, both in terms of hand strengths (top pair, set, flushdraw, etc) and individual starting hands. It will show the equities of every item in the range, the frequencies and combos, all without any delays. Turn and river subtrees can be recalculated down to a Nash distance of 0% at the push of a button.

Tiny savefiles

The size of the savefiles has been substantially reduced, with solved flop trees now taking up as little as a few hundred Kb, where previously they would be roughly 1000x larger. Although not available yet, with our upcoming "scripting" system, you will even be able to create databases of large numbers of trees and make comparisons between those trees; all within a single database file of a few dozen Mb.

New features and improvements

- A fresh new resizable interface that will work on screens of any resolution.

- Multiple languages: Although not available yet, around the end of 2017, GTO+ is expected to be available in several different languages. You can easily toggle to a different language by clicking on the language button in the upper right. Language files are stored in the directory /config/languages/ so that edits can easily be made.

- GTO+ will offer line based navigation of trees. Switching to other lines, and changing turn/river runouts is now extremely convenient. Should you however prefer tree based navigation like in CardRunnersEV, then don't worry, this will be added within a few months; it's just not part of this beta yet.

- Savefiles are now tiny. GTO+ can store its savefiles in files that are roughly 100Kb, while not losing any relevant information.

- Due to improvements in both the interface and solver algorithm, turn and river subtrees can now be resolved in seconds down to a Nash distance of 0%. Where most other solvers will often not fully converge, the GTO+ algorithm will go all the way down to 0%.

- Card removal toggle: Would you like to see the influence of card removal on the percentages in any part of your tree? With the new "card removal" toggle this feature can be turned on/off throughout all parts of the interface.

- The software will detect when you do not have enough memory to run a file and decide to compress the memory instead. Should you not have enough memory, then the solver will inform you of this.

Upcoming features

GTO+ still requires some features to be developed, which will most likely still take a few months. Most of the ground work has been done at this point though and everything has been prepared to make future development go smoothly.

In the near future we expect to offer turn reports, which will show the frequencies/EVs/equities across all possible turns, both for whole lines and for individual hands.

Shortly after that we will introduce a new variation of "scripting", although in the case of GTO+ this will actually be a database feature. Given the fact that basically all flop data can be stored in tiny files (roughly 100 kb per solved tree), we will offer the ability to run a tree on many different flops and then perform comparisons between those trees, with all these trees being stored in one relatively small database.

Some other features are planned after this (some of which are marked as "not available yet" in the interface), but the above entails what can be expected in roughly the next few months.

One more thing to note is that in the first beta the tree builder is still very basic and it will not yet be possible to manually edit trees. This feature will be added in one of the following updates as part of a larger subset of functions for tree navigation.

Pricing of GTO+

During the beta period, a license for GTO+ can be obtained by purchasing CardRunnersEV.
The registration fee is one-time; all updates are included and licenses do not expire.

GTO+ will be available for free for anyone who purchased CardRunnersEV after 31/12/2014.