gto plus +

Download GTO+ beta v104:

Commercial version: 64bit (will only work if registered)
Commercial version: 32bit (will only work if registered)
Free trial: 64bit
Free trial: 32bit

The 64 bit version is strongly recommended here.
Please only use the 32 bit version if you still use a 32 bit system.

In case of any issue with the installer files, please use this zipped version.

For running this software, you will need Windows 7 or higher.

Commercial version: Activating the software

The commercial version will require the same regkey.dat file that CardRunnersEV requires in order to run.
In order to activate the software, you will need to place the regkey.dat file in the same directory as GTO.exe.


Commercial version: Request key for GTO+

You can request your key here.

The key request form will require an item called "Hardware ID".
To get your hardware ID, simply start the commercial version of GTO+ on the computer that you want a key for.
It will be given to you by the startup message.

You can also get your hardware ID from the trial version by going to "register" in its menu.