Purchase CardRunners EV:
Poker analysis software

A license will entitle you to register the software on one computer.

A second license can be bought at a discounted price of $40.
You must be the owner of both computers to buy a second license.
It is not permitted to share licenses with other people.
When purchasing CardRunnersEV, a license for our new equilibrium software GTO+ is included in the price. For more information on GTO+, please go here.

To purchase, please follow these steps:

Transfer $75 by one of the following methods:

Credit card/iDeal/bankwire/other

For a second license transfer $40:

Credit card/iDeal/bankwire/other

Click the button below to request your key.

Your activation key will be mailed to you shortly.
The activation key is a small file that needs to be saved into the software's main directory. Upon startup, CardRunnersEV will detect this small file and be registered.


Registration fee:

Registration: $75 *
Second license: $40 *
*=Taxes may still be added depending on your location
The registration fee is one-time. All future updates are included.