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Our new software GTO+ is now available

- GTO+ solver is 2x faster
- Offers "Play against the solution"
- Ability to solve databases of multiple flops
- Can export to FlopzillaPro
- Many more features specialized for GTO research

Equilibrium/GTO solver

CardRunnersEV features an equilibrium solver (or GTO solver) with one of the fastest algorithms commercially available today.

The algorithm is capable of finding near-GTO solutions for postflop hands and works both for cash games (with or without rake) and tournament games. A tree building wizard is available to help you construct postflop trees with little effort.

For instructions on how to use the solver, the interface and the tree building wizard, please watch the videos below.

Video 1: Introduction

- How to use the solver
- The max exploit tool
- The tree building wizard (postflop)
- Locking actions
- Locking conditions
- Tournament hands
- The preflop solver

Link to instructional video on how to use the equilibrium solver.

Video 2: The dynamic popup system

This video describes CardRunnersEV's popup system for analyzing equilibrium ranges.

This system consists out of:
- dynamic popups
- an analysis tool with information on the individual hands
- an editor for equilibrium ranges

Link to second instructional video on how to use the equilibrium solver.

How to read the manual

Due to all the new options added by the solver, the previous manual is now in need of being remade. This will be done at some point in the future. For the moment though, when reading the manual, the following videos are relevant in use with the solver:

Menu in CardRunnersEV with links to the video manual.

Here, the first 4 videos explain how to edit conditions. The video on tournaments in only relevant if you are a tournament player. The video on the checkdown action is only relevant for preflop hands.



Missing .dll?

Installing this package will most likely solve your issue.
If your system is 32 bit, then select "vcredist_x86.exe".
If your system is 64 bit, then select "vcredist_x64.exe".

Change list:

v3.3.7 (7/2/2023)

- Updated all external components to latest versions

v3.3.6 (5/5/2020)

- Smallish changes and bugfixes

v3.3.5 (20/3/2018)

- Smallish changes and bugfixes

v3.3.4 (14/7/2017)

- Added links to new product: GTO+
- Added "Settings->Disable undo function ..." option in menu
- Changes and bugfixes

v3.3.3 (24/2/2017)

- Smallish changes and bugfixes

v3.3.2 (15/12/2016)

- Smallish changes and bugfixes

v3.3.1 (11/12/2016)

- Now applying memory compression on solver. Solver needs 2x less memory with normal compression, and 5x less with extra compression.
- Solver algorithm about 15% faster
- Smallish changes and bugfixes

v3.3.0 (15/10/2016)

- Bugfixes

v3.2.9 (9/9/2016)

- Faster algorithm for solver. About 2.5x faster than before
- Reduced memory use for solver
- Equilibrium dialog now accepts % of pot as input (f.e. "0.5%")
- Equilibrium dialog now show % of pot as well
- Bugfixes and other changes

v3.2.8 (15/8/2016)

- Bugfix

v3.2.7 (12/7/2016)

- New system with dynamic popups (video)
- New analysis tool for equilibrium ranges (see video above)
- New editor for equilibrium ranges (see video above)
- Tree building wizard expanded to 4 bets

- Improved algorithm for solver. Works better in large trees. The code is still a bit clunky though, due to it being a mashup of old existing code which doesn't 100% apply to the new approach. With any luck, a speedup is expected for the next release, which should be in a few weeks.

- When setting number of threads for solver, code overrideXX will set XX threads (so for example, "override32" will set 32 threads, thus overriding the security limit of 16 threads)

- Shoving math tool available again with Ctrl+Alt+M
- Bugfixes and other changes

v3.2.6 (17/5/2016)

- Bugfix

v3.2.5 (25/4/2016)

- Update to model for treating bounties in tournaments (more)
- Some bugfixes and other small changes

v3.2.4 (19/3/2016)

- Bugfix

v3.2.3 (18/3/2016)

- Bugfix

v3.2.2 (17/3/2016)

- Solver can now deal with tournament hands
- Solver can now deal with rake
- Max exploit tool now also works on unknown turns/rivers
- Max exploit tool now has option to ignore locked items
- Max exploit tool is much faster
- Improved multi-threading for solver. About 25% faster.
- Improved memory use for solver
- Some bugfixes and other small changes

v3.2.1 (28/2/2016)

- Math engine now multi-threaded (and therefore faster)
- Predef menu (in preflop menu) can now be resized
- Predef menu now allows for sub-categories
- Predef menu now allows colors
- Now storing predef ranges in newdefs2.txt
- Predef file newdefs2.txt can be exchanged with Flopzilla
- Some bugfixes and other small changes

v3.2.0 (4/2/2016)

- Bugfix

v3.1.9 (31/1/2016)

- Solver between 2x and 6x faster (3x in most cases). A flop 3bet tree now takes about 1 minute to converge to within 1% of the pot. Further development may still yield better results though, so for the moment the solver is kept in beta.

v3.1.8 (2/1/2016)

- Bugfix

v3.1.7 (20/12/2015)

- Solver about 30% faster
- New ICM algorithm that works better in large fields
- Undo system no longer resets when the solver is used.
- New display mode "Own frequency" (F9) (pic)
- Preflop conditions can now be locked individually
- Absolute/Relative toggle in Alt+W toggle tool
- F1 now opens the solver
- ENTER now starts/stops the solver
- Some new icons
- Bugfixes and other changes

v3.1.6 (30/10/2015)

- Bugfix

v3.1.5 (25/10/2015)

- Bugfix

v3.1.4 (17/10/2015)

- Bugfix

v3.1.3 (11/10/2015)

- Solver now multi-threaded
- Other optimizations for solver
- New math engine can now handle tournament calcs
- Minimize button for tournament popup
- Bugfixes and other changes

v3.1.2 (14/9/2015)

- New top% options in postflop menu (more)
- Bugfixes and other changes

v3.1.1 (31/8/2015)

- 64 bit version now available
- Solver approximately 3 times faster
- Postflop, actions and conditions can now be locked (for the solver)
- Added wizard for auto-building trees
- New Alt+W toggle for output of weights for every combo
- Bugfixes and other changes

v3.1.0 (20/7/2015)

- Bugfixes and changes

v3.0.9 (13/7/2015)

- In the preflop solver actions can now be locked (pic)
- Custom checkdown equities for preflop trees (link)
- Undo now possible for postflop trees with equilibrium data in them
- New postflop math engine that is about 15x faster
- Bugfixes and changes

Click here for the update video.

v3.0.8 (7/6/2015)

- Equilibrium solver converges about 2 to 3 times faster
- Increased stability for equilibrium solver
- Some changes in forbidden processes

Click here for the update video.

v3.0.7 (3/6/2015)

- Fix that makes check for PokerStars.exe much faster
- Smaller warning message for forbidden processes.

v3.0.6 (18/5/2015)

- Equilibrium solver converges must faster
- Strong reduction in memory use for solver
- Solver now available in trial mode
- EV calcs are about 30% faster
- Now also checking for unallowed processed (f.e. PokerStars.exe) at startup

Click here for the update video.

v3.0.5 (3/5/2015)

Detection of unallowed processed (for example PokerStars.exe)

v3.0.4 (10/4/2015)

Equilibrium solver:
- Preflop
- River
- Turn+unknown river
- Flop+unknown turn+unknown river


v3.0.3 (15/3/2015)

- Update for AlternateReg.exe file
- bugfix

v3.0.2 (3/3/2015)

- Some changes and fixes

v3.0.1 (1/3/2015)

- Update for AlternateReg.exe file
- Bugfix

v3.0.0 (23/2/2015)

- Strategy EV replaced by pre-blind popups
- Added new AlternateReg.exe with new capabilities
- Some visual changes
- Bugfixes and other changes

v2.9.9 (3/2/2015)

- Preflop menu (when starting postflop) can now import strings with specific suits like AhKh,AhQh,AhJh,Ah2h,...
- Top pair and middle pair options now have more elaborate kicker selection
- Bugfixes and other changes

v2.9.8 (12/12/2014)

- Bugfix

v2.9.7 (10/12/2014)

- Can now import/export suit selection from/to Flopzilla
- Fixed tracking weights for combos
- Top #% operator now works in case of starting postflop
- If max exploit only for 1 decision, delete action allowed in others
- Subtrees can now be copy-pasted between instandes (Ctrl+Alt+C)
- Range analysis tool now sorts EVs from large to small
- New, more efficient method for drawing graphics
- Some graphical changes
- Bugfixes and other changes

v2.9.6 (1/10/2014)

- Changes in "register" menu to account for new key system
- Added delay for displaying hints
- Weights for combo toggle now also tracked
- Bugfixes and other changes

v2.9.5 (26/6/2014)

- Adapted PokerStars import for Cap games
- Preflop menu import/export can now also handle weights
- Range that was just loaded is highlighted
- Ctrl+Alt+C/V can now be done between different CardRunnersEV's
- Speedup for multiway tournament calcs
- Random Board script function can now also clear flop/turn/river
- When mousing over a predef in preflop menu, full name is shown
- Bugfixes and other changes

v2.9.4 (7/4/2014)

- Bugfix

v2.9.3 (3/4/2014)

- New relative board options, such as [>2F], [=3B], etc
- Import/export from/to Flopzilla fixed
- Button in preflop menu to open/close all categories
- Board now drawn in titlebar of postflop menu
- Some changes in scrolling up/down in predefs
- Preflop condition if starting postflop can now be right-clicked
- Hand history import has option to turn OFF import messages
- "Save file?" message when importing hand history
- Weight can now be changed in 1% increments
- 33.3% and 66.7% also possible
- Some new graphics
- Quite a few bugfixes and other changes

v2.9.2 (1/12/2013)

- Postflop menu's holecards section now includes matrix
- New Alt+A toggle for getting data on individual starting hands
- Alt+A toggle also has Graph subscreen
- Expanded definitions that allows trees to be treated as preflop
- All active variables now shown when running script
- Bugfixes and other changes

v2.9.1 (29/10/2013)

- Value of variables shown in popup when running script
- Max Exploit tool can now be applied to just one single decision
- Scripts: Change to Max Exploit tool
- Scripts: LoadTree now has option to NOT load variables
- Auto-backup and other changes to import from text block
- Notes now show contents when moused over
- Bugfixes and small changes

v2.9.0 (10/10/2013)

- Debugging for scripts (breakpoints+step through lines)
- Suit selection in preflop window if hand starts postflop
- Hand history import automatically detects hh format
- Backdoor flushdraw grade options in postflop windows
- Strength of set can be set in postflop window
- Added delete icon in toolbar
- Script GOTO command adapts in line nr if lines are dragged
- Weight bars in preflop menu can be double-clicked to be edited
- Excel button now on top in graph window
- New buttons for script editor
- General speedup in interface+scripting
- Bugfixes and small changes

v2.8.9 (31/8/2013)

- Instructional videos now also available under 'Help'
- Written tutorial now also available under 'Help'
- New sliders in all menus; can be dragged as well
- Ability to import/export settings as a text-block (under 'File')
- Ability to import/export save files as a text-block (under 'File')
- Ability to import/export preflop ranges from/to Flopzilla
- Screen redrawn roughly twice as fast
- Minor changes to scripting system
- New graphics for background and opening screen
- Beta now checks for new beta upon startup (and not new alpha)
- Bugfixes and small changes

v2.8.8 (6/8/2013)

- New system for instructional videos
- Bugfixes and small changes

v2.8.7 (28/5/2013)

- Calcs on unknown turns 2x faster if all conditions are "all hands".
- Increased number of script checkpoints to 12.
- FilterForX now also accepts P,C,S,M in variables
- More popups for strategy EV
- Hotkey for Max Exploit tool is now F8
- Variables can now also be used in restrictions
- Text drawn next to axis in graph
- Last player to use Max Exploit tool is stored.
- Updated links to new website
- LOTS of bug fixes and minor changes (about 80 of them).

v2.8.6 (1/1/2013)

- Increased responsiveness when drawing graphs
- Several bugfixes and minor changes


-Several bugfixes and minor changes


-Some minor bugfixes


- If there's play on an unknown flop, but all of this play is "all hand", then the math engine can still be used
- Card removal application for random flop/turn/river in scripts
- Bugfixes and improvements


- Scripting. You can now design your own advanced features. I'll be making some instructional vids later this month. For now ... you're on your own. See if you can figure it out :) To get to the script editting tool, use the script toolbar buttons in the right of the toolbar. Turn on hints under "Help->Display toolbar hints" for a brief explanation. To run scripts, bring up the script window by double-clicking the script icon in the lower right of the screen.
- From now on, all data from the math engine is enumerated. There's no approximations any more. The old approximation has been replaced by a new method that deals well with large ranges. When the original enumeration method becomes too slow because the ranges are too wide, the program will toggle to the new method.
- Added power function ^ to the available operators for formulas in variables. So, for example you can now say #3=#2^2 in the variable menu.
- Buckets full of small improvements and fixes.


- Fixed bug where program crashes when the bet/raise amount is editted
- If you now hover over an endpoint a popup will show you the equities of the players in the tree
- The Alt+F filter now allows you to filter from júst the condition you're mousing over OR for the entire decision
- Added Alt+R filter for decisions,actions+conditions. It will give a preflop hand ranking according to both EV and equity
- The hand ranking produced by Alt+R can be imported by the ranking-edit menu (Ctrl+F4)
- Alt+O now also works for individual actions/conditions (used to always be only for whole decisions)
- Changes to the menus; removed as many items as I reasonably could
- The status of the engine is now always shown in the upper left; purpose is to create awareness of these settings
- The tournament dialog now automatically converts numbers liks 3,79 into 3.79 (only for the prize column though)
- Bugfix for monte carlo mode. The progress bar now updates at fractions of 10% (to prevent the screen from being redrawn many times).
- Fixed import bug for Prima (sorry for overlooking that one for several months ...)
- Fixed other bugs, as well as other improvements


- New video system in the startup screen that links to youtube vids. Haven't made any vids yet though ...
- Bugfixes


- Import for HEM2
- Import for PT3
- Import for PT4
- Completely new algorithm for unexploitable shoving; much faster. Takes only seconds now.
- In the postflop menu, straights can now be classified as strong(2card),strong(1card),weak. Select "straight" to see these options.
- In the postflop menu, flush strength has now been moved to the second column. It only appears when a flush is selected.
- Bugfixes, small changes, etc.

Beta v2.7.8

- New graphics
- Lot of interface improvements
- 25-45% faster (depending on which calculations you're measuring)
- New concept for the startup screen
- New concept for the preflop condition menu
- New concept for the floating quickbuttons (lower left of screen)
- New concept for the postflop condition menu
- New concept for the range edittor
- Lots of new filters for the conditions
- New checkdown method: Check down as fraction of pot
- NOT option and "specific hand" option in postflop menu
- Intermediate results for graphs, shown while calculating
- Loads of smallish improvements
- Tournament mode available in trial mode, but only for 70-20-10 prize structure
- Probably a bunch of stuff that I can't remember right now.