CardRunners EV poker software

EV calculations with decision trees

CardRunners EV is advanced poker analysis software that will allow you to take your own private research to a whole new level.

Using its hover-and-click based interface you will be able to build a decision tree, after which the software will calculate the EV of every decision within that tree.

New: An equilibrium solver has now been added!

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CardRunners EV poker software

Equilibrium solver

CardRunnersEV's equilibrium solver works both preflop and postflop, and even for tournament hands and hands with rake.

Analysis is a simple matter of building a tree with the tree building wizard, entering any play you see fit and letting the solver figure out the rest.

The algorithm converges within minutes for flop hands and within seconds for preflop, turn and river play.

CardRunners EV poker software

Popups for more details

To bring up more data on any number or item in your tree, all you need to do is mouse over it. Popups with more information will automatically appear.

This feature will allow you to zoom in on the EV performance of individual elements. Even all the way down to the level of individual starting hands.

CardRunners EV poker software

Graphs and scripts

The software will also let you create graphs of any property in your tree.

Not only that, but you can even write scripts. In this manner you'll be able to design your own advanced features.

CardRunners EV poker software

Range distributions

To bring up data on the distribution of a player's range at any point in the tree, just mouse over the decision node.

Can also do tournaments, unexploitable shoves, filter operations

Other features

The software can:
- do both cash game and tournament calculations
- perform range vs range calculations within seconds
- calculate unexploitable shoving ranges
- import hand histories in text format from HEM and PT
- perform a wide variety of filter operations such as top % of range, delete -EV hands, display combos, etc
- and much more ...