Equilibrium solver

New update for the equilibrium solver: v329 (9/9/2016)

As of release of v329 CardRunnersEV's equilibrium solver is even faster than before.
In fact, with this latest release our algorithm is now one of the fastest algorithms commercially available.

The algorithm is capable of finding near-equilibrium solutions for postflop hands. This can be either for cash games (with or without rake) or tournament games. The algorithm even allows for locking of strategies, for which it offers an easy-to-use interface. In order to lock an item in your tree, all you need to do is right-click it. Furthermore, a tree building wizard is available to help you construct postflop trees with little effort.

For instructions on how to use the solver, the interface and the tree building wizard, please watch the videos below.

Video 1: Introduction

- How to use the solver
- The max exploit tool
- The tree building wizard (postflop)
- Locking actions
- Locking conditions
- Tournament hands
- The preflop solver

Video 2: The dynamic popup system

This video describes CardRunnersEV's popup system for analyzing equilibrium ranges.

This system consists out of:
- dynamic popups
- an analysis tool with information on the individual hands
- an editor for equilibrium ranges

How to read the manual

Due to all the new options added by the solver, the previous manual is now in need of being remade. This will be done at some point in the future. For the moment though, when reading the manual, the following videos are relevant in use with the solver:

video manual

Here, the first 4 videos explain how to edit conditions. The video on tournaments in only relevant if you are a tournament player. The video on the checkdown action is only relevant for preflop hands.

How to use the solver

The solver is very easy to use.
All you need to do is enter a tree and then click on the equilibrium symbol in the toolbar:

Yin yang symbol in the interface

This will bring up the equilibrium tool.

Menu for the equilibrium tool

In the field "Target dEV" you can fill in which deviation you deem acceptable if either player were to play optimally instead of his equilibrium strategy. The solver will stop if it finds a solution where dEV is below this amount. Should you want the solver to run indefinitely, then just set this value at 0.

After this, press "COMPUTE" and the solver will start running.

For your convenience, you will find some sample files in the sub-directory /equilibrium_sample_files.

What do the ranges look like?

To see this, compute your tree (with F7) and mouse over one of the conditions.

Popup menu with equity data

The intensity with which each box is drawn corresponds to the weight of its combos.
And of course, in each box the corresponding EV is drawn.

To see the exact weight of each box, press Alt+C for the combo toggle.

Popup menu with equity data

Trial mode

The solver is available in trial mode. This is however with the limitation that it can only be run Td9d6h flops. Preflop, trial mode users can only run push/fold trees.